Talking Hands IV—Lithograph

Published 29. November 2022

Lithography helps me to understand my painting better, both technically and in terms of content.

Making Of „Talking Hands IV“ by Kurt Stimmeder

The surface of the stone, as well as the media with which it is worked, require a completely different approach.

Creation steps take place in a different order as in oil painting. Especially the approach to the colorful implementation requires a contrary thinking.

This rethinking leads to the fact that a known motive is created in a new, different way.

In connection with a limited temporal manufacturing framework, renewed something existing in a new dynamic.

Sheet size: 46×35
Framed: 53×46
8 printing layers on 250 Gramm EXCUDIT paper
Edition: 80 pieces

Special thanks to Marek Homolka from RDH Rámy and the team from Litografická dílna Øíèní for their support in the realization!

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